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Brain Injury of Mine Was Severe, Traumatic, and This is My Story

I have never spoken very much about my brain injury, it’s kinda personal. I have never wanted special treatment. One could blame too much pride, too stubborn, and/or too ignorant. I am just one that needs to learn the hard way; I need to know all the ins and outs; I wanna know the nuts and bolts of the project. Anyway, I have decided to write a blog post concerning my severe traumatic brain injury. I hope there is value in this post for all of you. Here is the “Story of My Brain Injury”.

A dream come true.  Brain injury or Not, you will succeed

What a great car!

Twenty-five years ago from tonight, I rolled my Camaro in the mountains of northern Colorado. I was approximately twenty-five miles east of Estes Park, Colorado. I was traveling about sixty-five mph. An almost full twelve pack of cans hit me directly behind my right ear. I turned to look at my passenger, and all I could see was the ground passing fast, through the passenger window. The car barely slid on the passenger side, then flipped on its top. The car bounced from the left top side back to its wheels, then came to an abrupt stop against a large bolder, which prevented us from splashing into the river.

You WILL succeed! Brain inury or NOT, you will succeed!

Do NOT be afraid of failure.

I awoke to my friend gently shaking me, and saying, “Wake up! Wake up!”, as I opened my eyes I saw size fourteen tennis shoes. I was on the passenger floorboard with my seatbelt on! My head and neck hurt with explosive pain. My low back hurt a lot, also, from a previous injury one year before. I sat up and bumped my head on the crushed roof of the car. I got out of the car and cried, as I looked at my wrecked car. I had such great plans for my beloved Camaro. I was going to have it painted a different color, and I was going to improve the engine performance. I had the money saved up for the paint job, and I was formulating a plan for engine performance. Now, it was a heap of mangled metal. It was a clear representation of my own body, mind, and dreams.

No Pain, No Gain! = brain injury

OUCH! Pick youself up and brush yourself off. Brain injury or NOT.

Less than two weeks later, while I was continuing my studies at our community college, I realized I was unable to do my homework. None of it made sense, it was very difficult to stay focused, and I could not read; I could barely get through one sentence. I use to sit in the kitchen every day to do homework while my mom made dinner. It was wonderful! After a week or so, I told my mom about my inability to study. I was unable to concentrate. Headaches hurt like Hades, and they were never-ending. My neck hurt so much that I did not want to move my head. My back hurt more, too. When my mom heard this, she immediately called a neurologist to make an appoint. The neurologist did a number of tests. His conclusion, I had a brain injury and referred me to a psychologist. The psychologist did a number of tests and asked a plethora of questions. I was soon enrolled in many types of therapy. About six months into this therapy, the insurance company told the doctors and I that I had reached my limit of the amount of care covered by my policy. The doctor allowed me a few more sessions of therapy free of charge and encouraged me to join a group that met about forty-five miles from where I lived. I never attended the group meetings; it just seemed too far to travel for minimal care. I, also, was very uncomfortable with all this attention and believed I could heal well on my own; I was a very independent individual, and I was terrified to travel in a car, especially on a highway. Thus, I struggled for two decades with my injuries; in and out of periodic counseling and medication. It has been a lot of snow and uphill both ways, but I declare, “I am determined, and I will succeed, and you will succeed, also!”

You got this on “LOCKDOWN”!
To Your Great Fortune!
David McCann

P.S. I just keep chippin’ away.


Worth, Are You Earning It?

Your time is your most valuable asset. You must be compensated for your time. You must be sure you are earning what you are worth. Kudos and congrats are very nice, but money is what is generally required to progress and survive in the western world. Dollars are a necessity of modern life. It would be nice if we could all just be nice, and help one another out without the need of money. That would be, to say the least, ideal. So, as things are in this world, we need to be absolutely positive you are earning your worth. To do that we must offer exceptional value. Bringing value is what makes your earnings rise, thus, makes it all worth doing.

Bringing Good Value  Increases Your Worth

Worth, are you earning it?

This is another personal story related to my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). My story, “Giving 100%”, has been very popular. I hope this one is valuable to my readers, also.

I work very hard at my job and do things the right way. It takes more time and can be a pain in the neck, but it is what I do. I measure twice and cut once.

The past several months, I have trained at least a half dozen other people in my position. I am unable to cover every shift 7 days a week from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Some have quit and many are not up for the challenge and lack the discipline to do the job correctly. Through training these individuals, I kept catching mentions of how much each trainee was being paid. What I heard was they were making $1 more an hour than what I was making. I thought the first couple times it was just boasting; you know, I thought they were jerking my chain trying to get a reaction. Eventually, I heard enough. I had enough. This past Sunday the 5th of March.

I got the assistant manager off to the side to have a discussion about my wage. I said, “I hear the other people in my position are making a dollar more than me per hour.” He said, “Where did you hear that?” That was a very bad response to me. This indicated he was possibly doing this intentionally. I replied, “I hear it from every person I train.” He said, “OK, I will email the Director of Operations tomorrow to see if we can get you bumped up a dollar an hour.” The hourly wage was not the only thing I was being cheated out of. I was supposed to get 30 cents more per hour for training and the trainer (me) and the trainee were to get free meals throughout the training. I was not receiving those compensations either. I was displaying great value, but my earnings did not reflect my worth.

Good Value equates to more worth which is more earnings.

You determine your self-worth by the value you bring.

I called the director myself yesterday. I told him everything. He asked why I had not told the manager and worked it out with the manager and assistant manager. I did not trust the assistant manager anymore, but I did not say this. I did say, “I did not mention it to the manager because I feel I have a bad rapport with him. I told him, when I started my new position, that nobody else was doing the job correctly. I was the only one doing what was suppose to be done. He reacted unfavorably. He said, “You mean to tell me that everyone has been lying to me all this time?” I made a grimace as to say I did not say that, but that would be a logical conclusion. Then he said, “I will ask everybody tomorrow morning, and we will see!” He never asked anybody. He did not talk to me for 2 weeks. So, we did not have a good rapport as far as I was concerned.

Well, about 10 minutes after telling the director about this, I received a phone call from the manager. He said, “He would like to setup a meeting to work this all out. It will be all good, I promise!” So, I have a meeting Friday morning.

So, what I want to point out is that one should never let things go as long as I have. As soon as you believe there is an issue, you should confront it in your personal life and your business life. You should advocate for yourself whenever possible. Do not let someone else lead, inquire or represent you in correcting issues or in any kind of negotiations. You should be representing yourself at least initially. Later, if the process begins to become overwhelming, stalls or you become flustered, ask for help and/or input from others. It is, also, a good idea to gather a group of people that will be in your corner to support you. By representing yourself, it demonstrates your capabilities, increases your self-value and empowers you. This is a great confidence builder. You are fighting, through providing value, to rpove your worth higher earnings.

It is very nice to be able to take more control of your life in this way. By the way, I am not only demanding what I should have been receiving, I am asking for an increase in my wages. Stand up for yourself and demand you be compensated for your time and effort. This is your self-worth and by you recognizing this and taking action it impresses others. Youn should be displaying value during the entirety of your employment, project, etc. This value represents your worth and should be reflected in your earnings. 🙂

Woo-Hoo!! I am very pleased to announce, this past Friday, March 10, 2017, I got a raise. My raise is $1.40. I basically got a 40 cent raise plus the dollar I should have been making since October. I will receive back pay to October when I should have been given the dollar extra per hour. I will, also, be getting compensated for all the training I did. I was not paid properly for that.

Bringing value is worthwile.

Earn what you are worth by bringing value!

To Your Great Fortune!
David McCann

P.S. Having a brain injury, this was a very powerful experience for me. This whole thing was an adventure to me, and very important to my growth as a person.

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