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The 5 Laws of Success


I have a few people in internet marketing that I look up to. These people are my business and life mentors. Every person should have a mentor. I have not actually received coaching from anybody. I follow a number of marketers on the net. Some I have purchased several products from, some I resonate with what they are teaching and still others I subscribe to their emails because I know they have a lot of experience. There are a handful of internet marketers that I made purchases from, resonate with and subscribe to.

One of these such mentors is John Thornhill. I have purchased several products from him, subscribe to his emails and I resonate with him. We come from the same cut of cloth some might say. John is a regular guy. He was a bored stiff factory worker. It took him quite a few years of working online for him to be able to quit his job. This is something John took very seriously. As everyone should. If you want to become financially independent and free, you must work your online business in a serious way and work it daily. It takes time and dedication to produce something of value. Value is the key to success. If you maintain an attitude of gratitude, giving value along the way, it triggers the receiver of your value to give value, also. Not only does the receiver want to give value to you directly but to everyone. It is like endorphins are activated into hyper mode. Are you starting to see the picture? Everybody giving value is the best business model in existence.


John Thornhill is a guy of great morals and ethics who was FAR from having it easy in life. He has many very reasonably priced products that are amazing! One of his great products is Free Monthly Website. Again all you have to do is get hosting and upload the ftp files that will be given to you every month for FREE! Free Monthly Website (FMW) is not as awesome as this Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS). But it is yet another free website to add to your arsenal. My FMW is

John Thornhill is a guy I resonate with. It seems though we were cut from the same cloth. He is a simple man that has been able to become a very internet marketer. In one of his training modules, he strongly recommends a book titled, “The Go-Giver”. This is an inexpensive book with HUGE firepower! It is a quick read; only about 100 pages long, and it is very easy to understand. I purchased the hard-cover copy. I, also, strongly recommend this book to you. These lessons can be applied to your life immediately with benefits pretty much instantaneously. Here is the link to one of my websites with the expanded version for sale. http://higherlevelmarketing.vydio-x.com/

To Your Great Fortune!
David McCann


Blogging and Article Writing

We want to make money! In order for that to happen, one must WRITE! Not only should you be blogging regularly, you should be writing articles such as Google Adwords. These are the most important things to do to build your list and generate traffic to your business. Do NOT forget about encouraging people to subscribe; subscribe to your newsletter, your email campaign, or email sequence. If you signup for my newsletter you will get a shocking VALUE! So write, write, write! Wring ebooks are where the money really is. Not just ebooks but internet marketing products you could sell like, videos and software.

here are a few of free ebooks; a link for each.




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