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The Go-Giver


John Thornhill, recommended, The Go-Giver, to me. This book, The Go-Giver, explains The 5 Laws of Success. John is one of the few people in internet marketing that I look up to. These people are my business and life mentors. Every person should have a mentor. I follow a number of marketers on the net. Some, I have purchased training courses from. Some, I have purchased several products from, some I resonate with what they are teaching, and still others I subscribe to their emails because I know they have a lot of experience. There are a handful of internet marketers that I made purchases from, bought training from, resonate with and subscribe to.

One of these such mentors is, John Thornhill. I have purchased several products from him, subscribe to his emails, I purchased some training from him, and I resonate with him. We come from the same cut of cloth some might say. John is a regular guy. He was a bored stiff factory worker. It took him quite a few years of working online for him to be able to quit his job. This is something John took very seriously. As everyone should. If you want to become financially independent and free, you must work your online business in a serious way and work it daily. It takes time and dedication to produce something of value. Value is the key to success. If you maintain an attitude of gratitude, giving value along the way, it triggers the receiver of your value to give value, also. Not only does the receiver want to give value to you directly but to everyone. It is like endorphins are activated into hyper mode. Are you starting to see the picture? Everybody giving value is the best business model in existence.

John Thornhill, is a guy of great morals and ethics who was FAR from having it easy in life. He has many very reasonably priced products that are amazing! One of his great products is Free Monthly Website. All you have to do is get hosting and upload the FTP files that will be given to you every month for FREE! Free Monthly Website (FMW) is not as awesome as this Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS). But it is yet another free website to add to your arsenal. My FMW is

John Thornhill, is a guy I highly respect. It seems though we were cut from the same cloth. He is a simple man that has been able to become a very internet marketer. In one of his training modules, he strongly recommends, The Go-Giver. This is an inexpensive book with HUGE firepower! It is a quick read; only about 100 pages long, and it is very easy to understand. This is a serious book; this is NOT a childish book. I purchased the hardcover copy. I, also, strongly recommend this book to you. These lessons can be applied to your life immediately with benefits pretty much instantaneously. Here is the link to one of my websites with the expanded version for sale.


The Go-Giver, explains The 5 Laws of Success. The 5 laws are: The Law of Value, The Law of Compensation, The Law of Influence, The Law of Authenticity and The Law of Receptivity which collectively is referred to as The Law of Stratospheric Success.

Let us begin with the first law of The Go-Giver, The Law of Value. You want your clients to trust, like, and know you. You should be genuine – be yourself. A quote from the book states, “Your true worth is determined by how much you give in value than you take in payment”. It is essential to remember, it’s not the hot dogs that make you successful but the service. Make the experience pleasurable and unforgettable to vault you to the top.

The second law is The Law of compensation. The first law determines your value. This is your potential this how much you could earn. A quote from the book, “Your income is determined by how many people you serve (give) and how well you serve them”. Your wealth is directly tied to how many lives you enrich.

The third law is The Law of Influence. You need a personal network of ambassadors. People who know you, like you, and trust you. They want you to succeed as much as you want them to succeed. In a nutshell, you want business friends. Not a quid pro relationship where you scratch my back and I scratch yours; that’s not a friendship, that’s a creditor. A quote from the book, “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first”. Giving attracts. Givers magnetize others to them. Give.

The fourth law is The Law of Authenticity. If you think you have nothing to give or that you have no more value, remember to give of yourself. YOU have value, believe or not! This market wants someone to be a friend, someone who truly cares. This is true now, it has been true in the past and always will be true. No matter what you think you are selling, you are actually offering you.

The last law is The Law of Receptivity. Many people believe it is better to give than to receive. This is true. This does not mean you should refuse to receive. You should never deny the right of someone to give. There cannot be one without the other.

In conclusion, giving is what is needed to succeed. “Wait a minute!”, you say. You are thinking, I can’t make money if I give and give and give. I disagree, you will make money. You will not make money if you do not give. Giving is the value that will make you money. Include free stuff with your offers and be willing to help others. Life is very much a Karma type of thing. What goes around comes around.

To Your Great Fortune!
David McCann

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Giving 100%

Giving 100%, success is surely to follow.

Hi, everybody! I apologize to those of you who have been waiting for a new post. It really has been way too long since I posted. My belief is to post often; every day is the goal. I find it a very amazing to have, at this very moment, a lot of comments. I would, also, like to announce that all these comments have been POSITIVE (I wish I could add color right there)! I have had approximately 10 comments that I would consider SPAM. Speaking of SPAM, I just loaded ASKIMET yesterday. ASKIMET is a free WordPress plugin that prevents SPAM.

OK, to get to the subject, Giving 100%, which relates directly to my physical job. I am a part time dishwasher and I am in a unique as to be able to dedicate the rest of time to my internet marketing. One day the assistant manager asked me to wash a bunch of nasty pans in the deep sink. There is always various kitchen things soaking in there every night. Normally I did not pay much attention as to what was in the sink. I was told the night crew took care of that. There was usually 2 or 3 dishwashers at night and, usually just me during the day. I agreed with my co-workers. We agreed (and still do) that I work very hard for this restaurant. So, between the deep sink tasks and the dishwasher tasks, I was keeping very busy. The manager told me the relief shift was there and to clock-out. I did not clean everything in the sink. There were a handful of items in the sink still, however, I clocked out.

In the morning, the assistant manager had a private talk with me. He basically said that he expected m to do what was expected of me or he would find someone else who will. Wow, that was a shock to me. I nearly lost it on him. I maintained my composure being the wise one I am. I bit my tongue, kept quiet and listened. My father was big on “keep your mouth shut and look and listen”. That behavior is ingrained into my DNA. Man, I wanted to cuss him out about how hard I worked and how unjust this was or just scream and cry. I understand hearing or, I mean, reading about a man, who in real life is about to cry about a mundane (more or less) thing, is a bit hard to believe, however, this is true and I have a problem with my emotions running away with me on account of my brain injury way back in 1992. So, I kept cool and it ate at me all day. later. at home, I reflected on the day. I was frustrated. I was giving 100% and I was exhausted.

So Much GREAT Content!

Well, things got a little worse at work. Just last week I was finishing up at my job. There were 2 pans in the sink. I figured I washed most of them and the boss was in a rush to get me clocked-out so he could save on his labor costs. I told the manager there were two pans left in the sink and the sink needed to be rinsed. He replied, “Still! You still have the sink to do. You have got to manage your time better. You are killing me on labor, right now.” Well, that ticked me off. I went to the sink and rinsed it out and left the pans. I clocked out.

When I was home, I reflected on what was happening at work. I was frustrated and I was very tired. I was giving them a 100%. What did they want from me! What would my father advise me to do; all I could think of him saying was, “All you can do is your best”. Eventually, this thought came to me. “What would my mother say?” My mother would say, “All you can do is give 110%.” Then, I thought to myself, “I am exhausted. I don’t have another 10%. Let’s see, what is half of 10. Five. I can surely give 5% more. What’s another 5%, it’s nothing. I can give 110%!” Almost daily I think to myself, “Is the finish line just a few more steps?” So, you could say that I programmed myself to keep pushing. I know I have quit things, and I should have kept at it a little more and I would have met my goal. Having a brain injury I learned a lot about perseverance. I thought of myself self as resourceful and independent before my brain injury. During my past 25 years of recovery, I have accomplished many things. I have surprised myself at some of my accomplishments. Most of my success comes when I have a bunch of support. Sometimes I am inspired by the lack of support. I say to myself, “I’ll show them.” You do have to be careful about pushing yourself and trying things when they are tearing you down. At the point where you are getting nowhere for a while, you must reflect upon the situation and decide if you should continue your pursuit or to call it quits. Giving value is where it’s at. Here is my gem of wisdom, “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!” This was the sign off signature of a very famous top 40 radio DJ, Casey Kasem.

To Your Great Fortune!
David McCann

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