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Will The New FTC Ruling Affect Your Business?


The FTC announced a ruling that will affect many businesses, especially online businesses. Businesses that force the affiliates/distributors to purchase products to meet quotas will not be allowed. I am in total agreement with this. Why should anybody have to buy something they do not want? Here is a very very important thing you should remember. Customers buy things; they hate to be sold to. You always, always, always want to lead the customer to buying. Don’t be the pushy used car salesman.

Another facet to the FTC ruling requires Herbalife to provide some training. I find this quite interesting. Many online opportunities do NOT offer training. This is very sketchy in my eyes. I just don’t understand why a company would not provide training. A company MUST have training. There is no way around it.

I believe this ruling, will force companies to provide real value. I want to provide real value. Everybody wants a great deal but, is that great deal a real VALUE? Here is a simple example of value. You are at the store to get groceries. On your list is bread. You buy the cheap bread always, however, you remember a conversation recently with a friend about,  ‘you get what you pay for’.  So, this time, you read the nutrition labels. You find some bread that is a little more expensive but, is much more nutritious.

Here is a link to the article: https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2016/07/herbalife-will-restructure-its-multi-level-marketing-operations

I hope you enjoy this new entry.

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David McCann

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